Monthly Archives: May 2012

My Nemisis

He is back.  I knew he was just hiding behind all those towels waiting to attack.  The towels they put up on the shiny surfaces did not fool me.

You see, my foster mom thought I should learn to walk up and down stairs.  At first, it was really scary.  Why would anyone want to go up into the air?  But then, I noticed the big dog bed.  It was raised 2 and a half feet off the ground.  It was heaven, and this dog bed my foster parents like to sleep in as well. 

But that dog bed comes at a price.  He is there.  When I enter the room to get to the bed, he is waiting for me.  I bark at him to tell him to go away, and he barks right back.  I do a puppy play bough to show him I am friendly, and he does one right back.  He copies everything I do.  He is mocking me, and I don’t know why.

My foster mom seems to get annoyed at me when all I am trying to do is defend her.  I have no idea what this guy is up to, but he lurks in the closet.  When I do check out the closet, I cannot find him.  He is  a master of disguise.  However, he is always in the mirror, looking at me, watching my every move.  One day I will surprise him.


Vet Visit – Yeah but Yuck

Well, I went to visit with the surgeon.  He says there is nothing to be done about my legs.  If I start limping, I should take it easy in a crate for a week or so.  My patellas are just going to luxate.  He assures me many dogs live long lives with this issue.  Surgery is out of the question due to the way my bones are shaped.

He listened to my heart and barely heard a murmur.  He then gave me a yummy treat.  He tells me that he believes the murmur is due to my anemia, which is not uncommon in dogs as skinny as I am and dogs with mange.  I am sort of liking this guy.  He keeps giving me treats.  YUMMY.

Wait, what is this?  Ouch! Do you really need to do that.  He scraped my skin with a razor blade.  Good news he says, I do not have any living mites on my body.  I am still a bit pink, but my hair is growing back in nicely.

This was not a bad visit to the vet.  I spent the night at my first foster home.  I am told I have to go back to the shelter for another vet visit.  I don’t mind the shelter too much, AND I know I am going to go to my foster home so what is one day…

Except, it was not a nice day.  It started out OK.  My friend Terah was there.  I thought maybe we would be able to play, but no luck.  They kept us apart.  Then a nice lady came and gave me some treats.  I felt drowsy, and took a nap.  When I woke up something was different.  Wait a minute, something seems to be missing…  YIKES, I have been neutered!

Why Can’t I go With You?

You have been bustling around the house all morning.  I barely got my walk today.  There was no snuggle time on the sofa.  Terah and I are wondering what you are doing.

Wait, you have loaded up our food, our toys, and now our crates.  Where are we going to sleep? What am I going to eat?  Another walk, I like walks.  Oh boy, a car ride.  Terah does not like car rides.  She gets very scared, so I hold her paw for her.  The two of us are best friends.  We do everything together.

Where are we going mom?  Oh, you are leaving us with a dog sitter?  Where are you going?  What if I do not like it there? Oh, we are going to Aunt Shannon’s house?  This will be good.

I like Aunt Shannon’s house.  Terah and I get the large yard to play in all day.  One day we opened the gate to the courtyard and chewed up some things we were not supposed to.  Our bad. We like Aunt Shannon’s house.  She has great toys, and give us a lot of love and attention.  My ears make her laugh, she tells me they have a life of their own.

My fur is growing back in, and most of the scabs are off my body.  I still itch sometimes.  My legs are doing OK.  I was told I would be going to the surgeon soon.