I Had a Nightmare

I had a nightmare last night.  It left me crying and shaking.  I am not sure if I can remember all the details, all I know is I did not want to leave my foster moms side.  She was sitting next to me, saying “hush now little one”.  I guess I was howling in my sleep.  As soon as I realized I was awake, I crawled and hid behind her.  I would not sleep anywhere else but next to my foster mom.

I awoke this morning, my foster mom was already awake.  She gave me a big smile and said “ok little one, you need to go and do dog things”.  I did not want to go outside.  So, my foster mom went out with me.  It was a bit cool, the fog had rolled in.  But it was peaceful.

I ate my breakfast and then went outside.  I crawled into the patio chair, and I have been sleeping here all morning.  No nightmares, just birds chirping.  But then, a howl, then two, then 20.  A whole pack of wild dogs started to howl.  They were on the move.  I wanted to play, so I jump up and ran to the fence.  I howled back “I’m over here, come play with me”.  My foster mom ran out and coaxed me into the house.  My big foster brother and foster sister ran to the fence.  They barked back at the other dogs “Don’t come near our house, don’t come in our yard”.   I was devastated.  I love my foster family, but I wanted some dogs to play with.

My foster mom explained, “David, those are not dogs, those are your long lost cousins Coyotes.  They are beautiful, wild creatures, but they will eat you up for breakfast if you let them in the yard.  Buddha and Grover were only protecting you, but telling them to leave.” She then gave me a hug.

Geez mom, thanks for planting that image in my mind.  So much for taking another nap, I’ll just dream of being someone’s bacon.


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