My Nemesis – he exists.

After a not so restful night, worried about coyotes coming to get me, my foster mom thought it was a great idea to go to Petco.  Well, I guess I could use a few new chew toys, and some nice treats at the cookie bar would not be so bad.  Just hope she does not embarrass me by putting me in the shopping cart again.  Really, I have four legs and I know how to use them.

I love car rides.  I am very good in the car.  Sometimes I bark at random things, but only because I do not unders

tand what they are or what they are doing.  The car ride to Petco is a short one.

There are other dogs, standing around the front of the store.  I guess they are waiting to get into the store.  I hope I can go right in, I don’t want to wait.  Hold on, they are not waiting to get into the store.  My foster mom tricked me, this is an adoption event.  Really, mom?  I have told you a hundred times, I am your dog.  This whole foster thing is a bit confusing to me.  I love my foster parents, and foster canines.  I have picked out my spot on the sofa.  I have my own bed.  I think my foster mom has lost her marbles.

So, I am sitting at the event.  People are coming over to me to pet me, but all I want is my foster mom.  She gives me treats for the simple things like sitting down.  All is going well, but then….my 
nemesis followed me to the adoption event.

At first it was that nagging feeling, someone was watching me.  I turned around, and there he was in the window.  I told him to leave, go home.  But he just barked right back at me.  He never stops to listen to what I have to say.  As soon as I open my mouth, he starts barking right over me.

You see, my foster mom and foster canines keep telling me my Nemesis does not exist.  They laugh at me when I try to protect them from him.  But, I am lucky today.  There is a really nice photographer who took lots of pictures of me.  I asked her to take a picture of him, so I can prove to the world, he exists.

He exists!



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