Saturday Morning – A dog’s life

Yawn! Stretch! “Really mom, do I have to get up?”  

Well it is morning time, barely.  The sun is just coming up over the horizon.  I hear to coffee beans grinding.  I know mom is going to come get me next and take me outside.  I have learned from my foster brother and sister, just lay still and thump your tail.  Mom will open the door and call you out.  Yawn, stretch then slowly walk outside.  Go potty, and give mom that look.  You know the look, “really, the sun is barely up.  What’s for breakfast?”

We go inside, and I run over to my crate.  I know breakfast will be served.  I love eating in my crate.  I can lay down on a nice comfy bed and eat.  Mom never closes the door, so when I am done, I can just walk out.

Wow, I just slept 10 hours.  I guess I needed the rest.  After I finished my kibble, I walk over to my foster siblings bowls and lick them clean.  They are empty, but there are a few crumbs they have missed.  Oh look, the sofa.  I guess I should jump up an take a nap.


(Commentary from his foster mom, David is still napping, it has been 3 hours.  Good night sweet prince).


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