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A trip to the vet

I enjoyed my first night at my new home.  They tell me it is temporary, but it is warm and dry.  The lady allow me to sit on the sofa with her, my head in her lap.  I don’t know why, but I cannot use my hind leg. It hurts, a lot.  The nice lady is stroking my scabby head.  She gives my bumpy belly some rubs.  She takes me to a crate and picks me up and puts me in.  I don’t mind it so much.  She gives me a chew toy, and I lie down and go to bed.

The next day I get some breakfast.  My leg is still killing me, I do not know what is wrong.  I really do not want to go outside, so I piddle by the back door.  The other dogs are trying to play with me, but all I can do is sit down and watch them go back and forth.  An hour or two go by, and the nice lady is taking me for a ride in her car.

I go into another place.  I hear people talking, I hear them say my name “David”.  They weigh me, 32 pounds.  The nice lady goes into a room with me and sits on the floor with me.  I hobble around a bit, but then I crawl into her lap.  I don’t like the smell of this place.  Some guy in a white coat shows up, he gives me a smile and pets me a bit.  The two of them start talking.  I hear them talk about my demodex and skin infection.  I then hear them talk about the white worms she found in my poop this morning.

The nice gentleman listens to my heart and my breathing.  He then moves my leg around.  It hurts.  He shakes his head, and says I am deformed.  My legs are not in the correct position, and that the grooves for my knees are slanted.  It allows my knee caps to slide in and out.  He calls it a luxation.  He tells the lady he does not think surgery will help me, but wants to give me a prescription to help with the pain and swelling, then said to have a surgeon take a look.

The lady thanks the nice man, and we head back to the car.  She turns to me and says “Sorry”.  I know it is not her, and I know she is trying to help me.  I sure do hope this pain goes away.