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Ears, Do the Happy Dance!

Ears, do the Happy Dance!!!Image

I’M ADOPTED! WHOO HOO! I’m adopted, i’m adopted, i’m adopted, happy happy, joy joy! Doing the happy dance! Oh boy, I kept hoping this day would come.  I would wake up each morning (and mid-morning, late morning, noon, early afternoon, afternoon, evening, after dinner, before bed…) and visualize my forever home and family.  I kept visualizing it, throughout the day, everyday.  I knew exactly what my forever home would look like.

It looked a lot like my foster home. It looked a lot like my foster family.  I guess I visualized it enough, because my new forever home looks exactly like my foster home.  And, my new forever family looks exactly like my foster family.  Wait, it is my foster family! I am their’s forever, and I got a sister.

Let the ears do the Happy Dance, I AM ADOPTED!!