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Sharky – His Road to Recovery

Sharky Water TherapyI don’t recall how I ended up at the shelter, but I did.  It was late August.  I was scared, I was someone’s pet.  The shelter staff immediately knew there was something wrong with my leg.  I had lameness in my left rear leg, it was swollen and painful.  Even in pain, I was very affectionate and wanted to play.  The shelter took pictures of my leg and knee.  They wanted to determine what was causing my pain.  It turns out I had a Tibial Crest Avulsion.  Yeah, I had to google that one myself.

An avulsion fracture is where a piece of bone tissue is pulled away from the main bone by the action of a tendon. It’s usually self-induced and happens during activity in young dogs  before the bones are fully formed.  Greyhounds and terriers seem to have this occur most often.

The shelter performed surgery to fix the fracture, and Pit Bull Rescue San Diego has been providing after care surgery.  I was on restricted motion for 10 weeks. Yep a small puppy and no exercise for 10 weeks.  I was going out of my mind.

Well, now I am off bed rest, but I am in need of water therapy.  My foster mom takes me twice a week, plus physical therapy.  I really do not like it, but they smear peanut butter on the front of the water tank, and I get to lick it off while I am doing my water therapy.

My water therapy is costing $820.  I am receiving it at Animal Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Center.  It is a lot of money, but Pit Bull Rescue San Diego is committed to providing the therapy.  If you can help them with the cost, I would really appreciate it.

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Sunday Morning

Today is Sunday.  I woke up in my crate, went outside to do, well dog things.  I ate breakfast, then crawled into my foster mom’s lap for a nap.  My leg really hurts.  It has been hard for me to get up and down the sofa.  I have been limping again for two days.  My fur is almost grown back, still some patchy spots on my face. I have learned most of my basic commands.  I am super smart, and very, very, very, very, very food motivated.

My nemesis still lives with me.  Just in behind the towel in the fireplace.  I have scared him into that spot.  I also live with my foster brother and sister.

The other day I went to an adoption event.  It was fun, but no one wanted to adopt me.  I really like it at my foster home, but I would really like a forever home.

I love playing ball, and do very well playing fetch.  My foster mom says I am going to try swimming.  It sounds like fun.  She said I get to wear a new jacket.  I then get a massage, then she and I go into a pool.  Not sure what a pool is, but after the pool, we lay out in the sun.  This sounds really exciting to me.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I get back from swimming.